About Us


Teachers are the backbone of a nation; said by Dr Abdul Khalam. We would say that  students are the future.

Students’ main objective is to study well and get good results from exams in SriLankan context. 

We as a third world country, have very limited resources. People as usual have unlimited wants. In this struggle of matching both we are in an eternal competition. To win the competition, one has to fail and lose. 

This competition applies to education as well. Because is the ultimate weapon to be better than others is education. However parents, teachers and all others make maximum efforts to inculcate the habit of studies among students. Students do studies but remembering part is with majority at a loss.

Born To Win Relationships took the responsibility of filling the gap between desired results by students from exams and parents’ expectations.

We provide best learning tools in the world by way of comprehensive workshops 9As/3As /Great 5

9As is a workshop but not a class. We guide students to learn even without a teacher by self-studying.

Our Vision

Education to be an enthusiastic approach for every child

Our Mision

We will make every child a great learner and will awake the super genius within by ways of methodically arranged workshops in SriLanka. Simplicity is the key of all the activities.


Mr.Dileepa Wanniarachchi

Mr.Dileepa Wanniarachchi

FABE(UK), EMBA(IND), SLITAD, Productivity improvement coach/Corporate trainer/Lecturer

Dileepa is a certified trainer(SLITAD) and a business management lecturer. He is an EMBA graduate of Mahatma Gandhi university , Meghalaya, India. He is also a fellow member of Association of Business Executives of UK (ABE). He began his career as a banking employee at Seylan bank. He resigned after successful 22 years owning his passion to be a lecturer who was then a system applications trainer and a project manager at Seylan.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Born To Win Relationships, has spoken to corporate and public audiences on various subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of organizations. He has also conducted foreign seminars on same topics. His exciting speeches, presentations and seminars on inspirational leadership, discovering your calling, developing personal traits have triggered immediate changes and long-term results in participants. Further, his experience over 20 years in financial industry covering banking and information technology would amply suffice the required expertise of the subject.

He contributed to the SriLankan education with a novel idea “9As workshop”.